CREA Consultants offers engineering analysis and design services tailored to the needs of our clients, from basic advice to full analysis projects. Read CREA Consultants company profile...

Typical services include:

Engineering Analysis Support for Design and Manufacture

Traditional and Computer Aided Analysis Techniques

Advanced Analysis to Extend Designed Capacity

Beyond Design Code Analysis and Design

Safety Case Hazard Resistance Substantiation Analysis

Independent Technical Assessment/Peer Review

Analysis Advice

Analysis Verification and Validation

Expert Witness and Forensic Analysis

Design and Analysis Troubleshooting

Why Use a Consultant?

A consultant such as CREA will take responsibility for an analysis project or analysis task, relieving the client of the burden. At CREA we maintain our own computer equipment and software licences, supported by in house bespoke programming capabilities.

The consultant therefore provides a complete solution package, supported by experience and training; CREA is Your analysis department as and when you need it. This results in a cost effective capability for the Client

Topical Comment: Capability and Experience

The current trend in engineering simulation software is to embed ever more sophisticated technology within design systems. This gives the user added capability; however, it does not necessarily confer the experience necessary to fully appreciate the significance of the answers.

However advanced the simulation software, the onus still rests with the user to demonstrate that the results are valid and safe to use.

Examples of Who We Serve - What We Do

Engineering/Business Sectors

Civil - Structural - Mechanical - Safety -Risk

Offshore and Onshore Petrochemical and Process - Industry - Commerce - Nuclear - Manufacturing - Defence

Extreme Environmental Loads (External Hazards)

Seismic - Wind - Wave - Temperature

Internal Hazard Loading

Fire - Blast/Explosion - Impact

Analysis Fields

Static - Linear - Non-Linear

Dynamic - Linear - Non-Linear - Frequency  Domain - Time Domain

Thermal - Linear - Non-Linear - Steady State - Transient

Soil-Structure Interaction

Engineering Fields

Structures - Plant/Equipment - Components

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